Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Brazenly Frothy Urban Deliciousness

Designers of the Week: Meadham Kirchoff

Edward Meadham and Ben Kirchoff kick-off (Hahaha Kirchoff kick-off...ok lame lame joke) their Spring 2011 line with a collection of frilly floaty goodness edged with tough girl attitude. Oodles of graffiti slapped layers swathed candy haired models floating down the runways (I say float because models don't eat, and, as a result, are so weightless they actually glide rather than walk- You can't see it, but there's a fan at the start of the runway that literally blows them down the catwalk. For serious.). Social commentary on America's obsession with unrealistic beauty expectations and the eating disorders that plague young women aside, they are crowned with the gorgeous tiaras by Nasir Mazhar, and look nothing short of an ethereal urban fantasy. Yo check it:

Note the really cool runway set-up:

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