Friday, November 11, 2011

Say It Loud, I'm a Crazy Cat Lady and I'm Proud!!

You find yourself at the grocery store at 11 PM.
 As frat boys lump their cases of cheap crappy beer onto the conveyer belt, you quietly (mayhaps a bit shamefully) shuffle up behind. Wearing your Rubber Ducky PJs under a large coat, hair dishelved, teeth unbrushed, wearing sock monkey slippers, you dump the goods behind the hordes of shitty beer: 2 bottles of wine, toilet paper, and cat food. Yeah, that's right, you're a crazy cat lady.

But now, even cat ladies can be stylish and crazy!!! Turn those troll feet into princess paws of desire with new Crazy Cat Lady Shoe Line!  They'll have all the guys cat calling you. Meeeoooww!!

See? Even celebrities are crazy cat ladies:

King Louis(e)- secret crazy cat lady

 Awww vintage style cat lady shoes:
respect your cat lady history.

 Oooh!! Matching Pants!!

 Rrraaawweerrrrr!! I'm a secret vixen crazy cat lady!

OK, even I have to admit, these kittens look terrified. 
Kitten souls trapped in kitten soles!
Muahahahaaa meeeowwww muahahaaaa!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Office Space

Imagine if you got to work in one of these offices...

3 Rings Online Games Office:


 Grand Gift:


Ogilvy & Mather:


Red Bull:
(yes, that's a slide next to the escalator)

Selgas Cano Architecture: