Saturday, December 26, 2009


As of late, I've been on this tattoo kick. Always fascinated, ever intimated, I've admired and ogled this particular form of self-expression from afar. But always short of cash and courage, I never could commit...til now. After months of extensive research on local parlors and artists in San Diego, I've finally settled on Rob Benavides  at Flying Panther Studios  in Golden Hills.

Rob is a tattoo artist and self-taught painter from San Antonio, Texas. His distinct style and wonderful eye for color (I think) separate him from other tattoo artists in the area, and most definitely caught my attention from the get-go. His online portfolio was very impressive. But, being the cautious kitten, I held off, researching tattoo parlor after tattoo parlor. A few things I look for when researching a tattoo artist/parlor:

  1. Website or online portfolio with samples of work. Hello, it's the 21st century and technology is tantamount to the success of any artist/business/etc. You might be a great artist, but if you don't have an up to date portfolio that uses current technology (ergo an understanding of the importance of trends when marketing your business), you're not gonna impress me. In fact, I'd think you to be a bit lazy. Not good.
  2. Cleanliness- do I really need to explain this one?
  3. A style/aesthetic that reflects your own personal taste- Very important. Every tattoo artist will interpret your idea differently. This is permanent, so finding someone who can take that idea out of your head and and translate it into something you love is crucial.
  4. Professional Demeanor: Don't be a douche. As tattooing becomes more mainstream, an even broader range of folks will be wandering in. These people will potentially be paying your bills and helping your business grow. Emphasis on the word, 'business'.
Things I don't take into consideration:
  1. Cost: Folks, please don't look for a cheap artist. You get what you pay for- and remember, it's permanent.
  2. Reputation: Something to be considered, but upon my research, I came across dozens of folks who swore by their own artists. Most of the time, I simply didn't like the style of the artist. Everyone's taste is different, so to go to an artist because someone else likes their work isn't enough. If you're as picky as I am, do the footwork. 

 All things considered, I kept coming back to this particular artist. My instincts were pretty solid, so today, I went in for a consultation.

I walked in and was immediately greeted by pleasant incense wafting in the air. It's a small studio, but well lit, with high ceilings and a very pleasant decor. I was immediately pleased with the cleanliness of the place. I was greeted warmly, by a fellow working on a patron. I informed him of my appointment and he directed me to Rob. Rob was working on a fellow, but asked to take a 5 min. break to speak with me about my design. Awesome.

We chatted about styles, what I was looking for, brass tacks. I showed him my inspiration board:


I felt completely at ease with Rob. He liked my idea and agreed that his style would complement the aesthetic I was looking for. So, I put down a deposit and booked an appointment for this Monday.
Needless to say, I'm ridiculously excited.

Pictures soon to come...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have an ego, and sometimes I like to avoid work by...

Taking stupid photos of myself and posting them on a public forum. Yep. I gots no shame.

Maybe I'll declare Wednesdays as "Narcissistic and Shameless Self-Portraiture Day"

Aiz goinz back to werks nows.
Peas owt!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a helluva drug

Stumbled onto these and had to share them with y'all.
(please feel free to click on images to make them even BIGGER. You know you want to...)

Yeah. No more drugs please....Ahhh who am I kidding? More drugs!! Bwahahahahaaaa!

Btw, Mr. Bud Lite isn't holding a's a MagLite. Kinda anti-climactic, ain't it?


I'm Totally Fascinated

“Sequins, glamour, sportswear and more sequins.”- Ashish Gupta's mantra

Ashish Gupta- New Dehli kid turned 'It' fashion designer in London's fashion scene makes a bold statement with techni-color sequined frocks that either make your head spin with delight or dizziness or seizure (depending the angle of the lighting).

Believe it or not, these sequined garments actually fly off the rack.  Celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, Sharon Stone, Lily Allen are just a few  donning these kooky sparkly styles.  Who can blame them, really? We girls loooove to get distracted by pretty shiny things. Oooh sparkly!!  *wanders off...*

The zebra sweatshirt, I admit, I LOVE. I mean c'mon! It's a sparkly zebra on your arm! How cute is that?! You can hug your own stuffed animal, and hug yourself back! Genius! Can't say much for the rest though. Those stars and stripes sequined! And clown chic can only go so far before it becomes, well, clownish. I mean, honk my nose twice and call me Bozo.  Sooo, I'll leave the rest of Ashish fashion to those really outrageous attention whores with the deep pockets.
Oh yeah, Lady Gaga, this means you.


Mad Max and the Chickens

So while I was sick, I busied myself with a couple of little crafty earring projects using various remnants.
  • A book of feathered trim samples
  • Old necklace chains
  • Scraps from mom's jewelry making kit
  • Illness induced Delirium
Result- a mixed metal throwback to Thunderdome with a feathered twist. See for yo'self

Overall, I'm mostly happy with both pairs. I might fiddle with them a smidge, especially the latter pair. I think a more dramatic disproportion would help exaggerate the asymmetrical aesthetic I was going for. And I think the first pair could use more chains and decoration on the drape to further show off the design feature- that these are earrings and necklace combined. So if I do feel motivated, I will tweak, photograph and post.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fie on the Cooties that Plague Mankind...Fie!!!!

So obviously I'm sick.
The culprit: my own damn birthday party last Saturday night. Happy Birthday Kim- Here's some snot wrapped up in an overstuffed balloon shoved up your nose. Any more sinus pressure and I think my eyes will pop. Any more nose drippings and I might drown in my sleep. Any more gi-normicon sneezes and I think I'll permanently scare my cat away. At least I'm not alone. Seems like everyone at the party shared in the cootie festivities and ended up in Snotsville, USA. Yay for me.

So what does one do when the germed dark forces build a pressurized death star o' snot in one's sinus cavities?

The Kimpire strikes back!! (I'm a Kim, btw).

So, I hit up my mom for reinforcements. She made me chicken soup. But not any ordinary chicken soup. This is like, crazy style, Filipino weirdness chicken soup. (see image below)

 It's the weirdest concoction:
  • Unknown giant banana peppers
  • chicken
  • spinach
  • CHUNKS of ginger
  • and some sort of weird squash that, when cooked, tastes like hot cucumber

I know, kinda frightening, but as I consume my mom's epicurious remedy, I feel kinda better. Placebo effect? Possibly. But I'll take what I can get.

Anyways, I made some jewelry while I was sick, so I'll post pics when I don't look so much like a snotty, crusty-nosed cold mess.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well Hello Ms. Fancy Pants

Yep, it's me here. Your favorite nonsensical rambler and fashion maverick extraordinaire, Dynomysus- Here to enlighten you with my keen fashion sense, craftacular abilities, and belligerent revelations, and run-on sentence-making,  and whatever else I feel like throwing in. So world...of random eclectic...