Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mad Max and the Chickens

So while I was sick, I busied myself with a couple of little crafty earring projects using various remnants.
  • A book of feathered trim samples
  • Old necklace chains
  • Scraps from mom's jewelry making kit
  • Illness induced Delirium
Result- a mixed metal throwback to Thunderdome with a feathered twist. See for yo'self

Overall, I'm mostly happy with both pairs. I might fiddle with them a smidge, especially the latter pair. I think a more dramatic disproportion would help exaggerate the asymmetrical aesthetic I was going for. And I think the first pair could use more chains and decoration on the drape to further show off the design feature- that these are earrings and necklace combined. So if I do feel motivated, I will tweak, photograph and post.


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